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What to look for in a home security camera in Huntsville

August 01, 2022
Security camera outdoors up close

When it comes to your home’s security, it just helps to get a full look of your property This is a primary reason why security cameras are among the best components to consider as you design your home’s security. Even though independent cameras are of use when installed appropriately, they’re even more powerful when included into your home’s complete system.

Are you wondering what to look for in a home security camera in Huntsville? You’ll be pleased to find these important components have more benefits than ever before. You may see live footage from interior cameras or catch the attention of those lurking about with integrated security features from outside cameras. You’ll also have easy access to your surveillance devices with a centralized control panel or cell phone app.

Dynamic features enhance home security cameras in Huntsville

Loaded with features and easy-to-manage security cameras will elevate your home’s defense to a different level. These crucial aspects of your alarm system may come equipped with an impressive range of features such as bi-directional communications, motion detection, and customizable zones. Explore the options available to you here.

  • Night vision: Dynamic IR night vision capability offers clear images of your property at any hour. Your cameras will even keep their visibility when closing in on details.
  • Convenient storage: Look for devices with recording and storage cloud functionality and the chance to access footage straight from your mobile device app.
  • Mobile app: Today’s home security cameras in Huntsville are typically paired to a convenient smartphone app. You are able to watch live streams or saved video and even activate or disengage your system. The Vivint App will deliver a notification to your mobile device when there’s a triggered event.
  • Motion sensors: Integrated motion detection allows cameras to take notice if odd action takes place. You’ll even be alerted with an update on your mobile device.
  • Speak to visitors or loved ones: Would you welcome the chance to check in with your children when they return from school? Have you found a visitor at your main entry? Modern surveillance systems, like the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro, provide convenient 2-way talk so you may converse with any person detected by your surveillance device.
  • Greater viewing angles: As a general rule, your outdoor cameras should provide no less than a 120° view. For example, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro provides a viewing angle of 140°.
  • Configurable zones: This convenience gives you the chance to set the precise area you want your camera to watch over. This can be beneficial to limit what you surveil as you aren’t going to need notifications every time an automobile drives by on the street.

Design your own smart home

You should have a good idea of what to look for in a home security camera in Huntsville. The only thing left to do is to design your own customized Vivint smart home. Call (256) 330-4373 to begin or submit the following form to reach out to our home protection and automation specialists.