Is A Home Security System Worth It In Huntsville?

November 17, 2020
are security systems worth it in Huntsville

Putting in a home alarm system has been heralded as a great way to help secure your house from intrusions and other emergencies. However, putting up security devices and paying for 24/7 monitoring can feel like a large commitment. You should only spend time and money into security that actually protects your house, so are home security systems in Huntsville worth it?

That can feel like a hard question to answer. To help you out, here's a list of points to examine when making the decision.

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Here’s Why A Home Security System Is Worth It In Huntsville

Home Security Systems Notify You To An Intrusion

Once you go to bed, your devices will sit waiting to quickly inform you of an intrusion. Alerts could show up as an extremely loud siren or as a pop-up on your cell phone. Vivint monitoring will also answer any security alarm.

With no alarm system, you may wonder if you heard the sound of a window shattering. And then you’ll start to slowly creep downstair to see who’s there. If a prowler smashes a window when you're at work or on vacation, then you can’t know until you arrive at your doorstep.

Professional Monitoring Responds To Your Security System

When homeowners ask if a home security system is worth it in Huntsville, they usually talk about the recurring fee for constant home security monitoring. This service puts a live person in charge of responding to emergency alerts. And it's "on-call" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If you're not around to listen for the ringing alarm sirens, or you can’t see the automated alert pop up on your cell, you're still covered. Within seconds, a monitoring rep checks in to see if you are all right. Then they alert the proper emergency personnel. The reassurance of professional monitoring usually becomes a tipping point in wanting to invest in a home security system in Huntsville.

Home Security May Decrease Your Home Insurance Premiums

Look to a security system if you need your home insurance costs to go down -- especially when the system features 24/7 monitoring. Underwriters may look at you as a lower risk with less security problems. That can lead to rebates. You could also see that a home security system raises your home’s resale value. Or at least your property will look better to home buyers.

A Home Security System Can Alert You To More Than Intrusions

Modern alarm systems with professional monitoring can protect against different kinds of emergencies than intrusions. Monitored fire alarms can guard against both heat and smoke. Flood detectors can alert you when water pools on the floor. And CO alarms alert you to deadly gas. You can even wear or carry a two-button pendant for medical accidents.

A Home Security System Will Make Your Day More Efficient Through Home Automation

If you pair your security system with home automation, your house gets perimeter protection while becoming more efficient. Devices like smart lights, smart locks, and smart temperature controls, can pair with your system using z-wave technology. Access all of your home automation devices through the same home security smart app and see your day-to-day life in new and practical ways.

For example, you can direct your lights to turn off, turn down the temperature, and arm your security system when it's time for bed. Then turn off the motion sensors, raise the kitchen lights, and turn on some music when you pull up the driveway. With home automation, you can also set what happens during security problems -- like illuminating the house during a break-in or activating a ventilator fan during a fire.

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Reasons Why A Home Security System May Not Be Worth The Cost In Huntsville

You Need To Set Your Sensors To Detect Intrusion

Your alarms won’t work well if it's not turned on. By rule, you should never leave the house or go to bed without arming your system. But it’s simple to forget, especially when you haven’t had an intrusion before. With your alarms off, a window can shatter or your front door knocked in without your family or your monitoring station alerted.

Then again, you can set your mobile app to help you activate your system automatically. Now you can program your doors to lock up tight at the same bedtime every night. Or program them to react to the front door, so they activate when you leave the house. If you have Alexa or Google Home, you can control your security system with your voice. And, of course, some sensors, like your fire, carbon monoxide, and flood detectors, are always active.

Home Security Has A Monthly Commitment

Proactive security systems, like what Vivint supports, have a monthly charge for professional monitoring. That might feel like a lot of dollars to spend on a protection you might never use. There's also a price for installation -- that is unless you find a special deal to help defray the final bill.

But, professional monitoring seems like a needed service when you consider that most break-ins occur when you're out of the house. When a sensor senses motion, your monitoring center contacts both you and emergency personnel. Even if you hurried home from your dinner out, you might find emergency services waiting for you. And if you're on vacation, your monitoring professional makes sure services arrives even though miles and miles away.

Your Vivint Security System From Vivint Is Always Worth It

If you come to the conclusion that a security system is worth it in Huntsville, your initial step is to contact Vivint. Our pros will help you find the perfect security package for your home. Just dial (256) 330-4373 or complete the form below.